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The future will bring with it even more screens, tracking, and lack of privacy.

This book outlines twelve trends that will forever change the ways in which we work, learn and communicate. Classified as:

• Becoming: Moving from fixed products to always upgrading services and subscriptions

• Cognifying: Making everything much smarter using cheap powerful AI that we get from the cloud

• Flowing: Depending on unstoppable streams in real-time for everything

• Screening: Turning all surfaces into screens

• Accessing: Shifting society from one where we own assets, to one where instead we will have access to services at all times.

• Sharing: Collaboration at mass-scale. Kelly writes, “On my imaginary Sharing Meter Index we are still at 2 out of 10.”

• Filtering: Harnessing intense personalization in order to anticipate our desires

• Remixing: Unbundling existing products into their most primitive parts and then recombine in all possible ways

Interacting: Immersing ourselves inside our computers to maximize their engagement

• Tracking: Employing total surveillance for the benefit of citizens and consumers

• Questioning: Promoting good questions are far more valuable than good answers

• Beginning: Constructing a planetary system connecting all humans and machines into a global matrix