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Try and see a journey as a collection of similar discoveries that are needed to solve the particular problem of that journey. You can therefore use discoveries to embed into different journeys, giving it a different context.

This means that the discovery you are posting from one journey may in fact have a different meaning within the context of another journey.

For example: I may have a discovery in a journey designed to help me service a car. This discovery shows me a video of the car racing around a track so I can get an understanding of the pressure the car is under as it travels the track.

However, that same video is used to drop into a friends journey who works at a tyre manufacturing company. The pressure those tyres are under helps him design a better tyre.

The same video discovery will therefore provide insight into a different problem space, and teach two different people something different but related.

Whenever you post a discovery that is within a private journey, you will be warned by TribalMind. This is because the content is private for a reason. Its best to check with your tribe and the owner of the discovery before sharing it into the public journey space.

All discoveries that you post are traceable back to the original journey they were posted from so you can always track it back to the source.