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The journey details screen is quite important.

Don't stress if you don't know all the details.

When it comes to the question and situation fields, we find that users often can only define their problem statement after they have traveled a bit of their journey and got their mind around it. Drop a marker in these fields if its still unclear and come back to it when you have a handle on it.

Bear in mind that the better you phrase your title, question and situation, the better the matching algorithm will work to help you find solutions, and the more people will find your journey and use your discoveries through the search engines.

Soon you will be able to earn reputation points and currency for sharing your knowledge, and the best way to share it, is if others can find it.

A public journey is FREE and searchable and can be shared via email and a variety of other channels.

For example, you could print your summary of the journey into PDF, and email the PDF to friends. The links in the PDF will bring them back to the public journey namespace so they can explore the detail.

A PRIVATE journey is only accessible by you and those you invite. It cannot be searched. If you share the link with someone who does not belong to the private journey, they will not be able to access it.

Private journeys cost 10 neurons. We figured we needed to make some money somewhere to pay for all the cool functionality we were rolling into TribalMind.

You can also convert a private journey to a public journey. This results in a 5 neuron refund. Please bear in mind that should you do this, it will make all the content in that journey viewable to the public.

If there is any content you have not referenced correctly to the original authors, be sure to do so. This is an education platform and citation is important, so is intellectual property.

Be sure to capture some accurate TAGS as well. TAGS have a strong influence on the TribalMind engine and how it understands the problems you are trying to solve. The better we understand these problems, the better we can find solutions for you whilst you are out having fun with the family.