About us

We believe that the internet is changing. The age of information is shifting to an age of value or the age of the idea. Human knowledge is being commoditized at a frenetic pace, meaning that the ideas we had 5 years ago are now commonplace, and more often than not, free.

With the arrival of technologies such as Blockchain, this shift will begin to occur. Meaning that the way we exchange value, and specifically digital value, is going to change.

At TribalMind, we believe that every conversation, every email, every message represents a value exchange – they are the micro-cents of this new economy. Depending upon who you are interacting with, the value is either higher or lower. Lets face it, chatting to Richard Branson around how to build a successful start-up is a bit more valuable than having a conversation with a street sweeper. The beauty is that even that street sweeper, in a different context, has his own value to add to a conversation.

The challenge we set for ourselves in TribalMind was to build a digital economy where you could begin to track these exchanges. We have an ambitious vision, what you see here is only the first part. This part allows you to capture the bits of information from digital interactions that you find valuable. It then allows you to synthesize these into documents (eBooks and whitepapers) that create more value – the dollars of the economy. We see it as more value because, quite simply, you have added your insight into it.

Depending on how many people access your published documents and reuse the whole or parts of it, the value increases, and so too does your value in the network – a digital economy of value.

Now we have some interesting AI (artificial intelligence) sitting behind all this, watching…learning. We hope to release it once we feel its learnt enough.

In the mean time make use of TribalMind to help you create beautiful published works of all you learn on this journey of exploration called life. And we will keep you posted as we move towards our vision.





In addition to a variety of business consulting roles Craig has had over his 20 year career, he has also been involved in the startup of successful product & service organizations in both Africa and Australia. He is a recognized conference speaker in the domains of business architecture and the design of business. Actively involved in his community, Craig teaches children as well as adults through his church and businesses. He is passionate about uplifting others through education and problem solving, the two spaces that TribalMind merges together. He currently lives in Melbourne Australia with his wife of 17 years, a ballerina loving daughter, a maths genius son who will no doubt develop version 5 of TribalMind, and two lazy greyhounds. Craig has no musical instruments and has no plan to ever own any. He remains the occasional unfortunate recipient of Jeff's sense of humor. This is one of the many reasons why him and Jeff balance each other out and work so well together.




Jeff is a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Agile process consultant, and generally a pretty good guy. In his 16 years of experience he has also started a few successful consulting businesses and has played some senior roles in different organisations. Usually drawn to processes and places where there is some change taking place, he thrives in the chaos of it all. Jeff has a sharp sense of humour and he's not afraid to use it! He loves a good movie, is into music and has a sort of interest in sport. Jeff plays the guitar and that is why he has 3 of them. His excuse is that he's trying to figure out jazz & blues pentatonics. Jeff is living the happily ever after with his wife of 15 years. They have two daughters, who are just like him, full of adventure, faith, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Jeff currently works with his best mate.