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The currency used within TribalMind is neurons.

Webster defines a neuron as "a cell that carries messages between the brain and other parts of the body".

Since TribalMind is your digital mind and a social learning platform, we reckon it was a cool name to call the currency in the system.

When you sign-up with TribalMind you are automatically allocated a bunch of free neurons.

As we continue to grow the TribalMind community you will use these neurons to perform a variety of activities. The cool thing is that you will also EARN neurons, which will allow you to do even cooler things in the future.

For now you only use neurons to buy private journeys. All public journeys are free of charge. We figured we shouldn't charge you for sharing your knowledge.

Soon you will be able to earn some neurons by sharing, coaching, teaching and supporting other tribes and people within the TribalMind community.