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Hello Tribesters. Quick message to encourage you to continue to add your research into Tribalmind. I suggest using this journey as the primary journey for all your discoveries so all can get the benefit of your thinking.

Big thanks to those of you who have contributed ideas and also expressed your exasperations with trying to use the Tribalmind Platform.

As a reminder of what we are iterating through - Tribalmind is a Cooperative platform for crowd decision making and learning. We harness the creativity and intelligence of communities to accelerate learning and innovation.

Its also a pretty cool way to remember everything - from the links you find on Facebook to stuff that your mates send you that you know is important but cant quite figure out where to put.

So let me encourage you to see it as your digital memory. Or even use it for note taking. I for one now put all my thoughts, meetings, minutes etc into TribalMind as a repository of all the goings on in my life. I find it helps a lot since at 45 I'm getting a little forgetful:)

So try and develop an individual journey and call it "Notes from Subject ABC", use it to take notes of a lecture and record photos, links etc of what happened as you were researching studying etc. Invite others to it so they can keep track of your ideas and share and cooperate with you.

Following on from a question by Becky McCreath, who was wondering about the terms journey and discovery.

To make it easier see the Tribalmind dashboard as your library of knowledge.

In this library there are many books (journeys) into which you insert your knowledge as you grow and learn more about stuff related to those books.

Each time you discover something new you add it to the book. These are discoveries and some have equated them to chapters in the book.

For example I might discover a PDF document that I find quite valuable for interviews and finding a job. So I add it as a discovery to a journey called "Preparing myself for the workforce"

As you read though that PDF you may highlight or find key quotes from that document that are relevant to you - add these in as insights under that discovery. These are like important bullet points that you found useful from that document.

This is how you begin to build a digital memory of all that you are learning and interacting with. This will help train a "yet to be released" avatar on how you think and make decisions. This avatar will eventually become your digital persona and take a few of the mundane tasks away from you in the digital space, freeing up your headspace and saving you some time.

Hopefully you get the idea on where we are going. Thanks for being part of the process and once again let me encourage you to be active in the journey.