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Your dashboard is the "center of your digital mind" so to speak.

It is here that you record all your ideas, thoughts, memories, links, videos, to-do's, things to watch, meetings, workshops and much more.

Your dashboard will also show you all the other journeys that you have "subscribed to" through the JOIN action.

You will have private journeys that only you and selected invitees will be able to see and contribute to.

Any public journeys that you create and join will also be shown here and you can use the filters to refine what you see. Public journeys are open to all and are searchable by the various search engines.

Don't worry about creating more "noise" on your dashboard. Capture from the smallest to the biggest journeys you are undertaking. From looking for laptop options for your kids to moving from one country to the next, TribalMind is you digital memory to help you start to handle the complexity of your digital world.

TribalMind will therefore keep track of your various journeys and prompt you for more information on items you may have forgotten. It does this so it can refine its understanding of you, and help filter the noise more effectively from your life. It also does this to understand you more in order to automatically go and search for options to help you solve your challenges.