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eternal perspective
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1st introduced to me by Mathilda some time back

This man's approach to earthly wealth and the testimony of his journey has shaped my thinking significantly. I have always been challenged by Matt 6 where Matthew is talking about laying up your treasures in Heaven. Western Christianity is becoming more and more focussed on self, comfort and the here and the now. I am unfortunately included in this cultural blindness! The Lord has been leading Vanessa and I on a journey to manage our lifestyle, cap our spending and most of all set a path based on the truth for Emma to follow. The journey continues as we grapple with our role in delivering SA from the grip of poverty and corruption which is rapidly eroding the moral fabric of the country. While we sit comfortably in our secure, spacious northern suburbia young children in Alex are being abused - this is their norm and they no longer see an alternative. How I am able to sleep so soundly with such a cold heart towards something that scripture tells us is breaking our Heavenly Father's heart. This journey is leading me to think that my heart is cold and hard because of my innate desire for comfort, pleasure and an easy life instead of being the salt. The journey continues...