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This is how your dashboard looks once you have added a new journey.

Each journey on your dashboard is summarized into a journey tile.

On this tile you will see:

1. Your current level (Beginner to Master). This relates to your skill at that particular journey. These levels are decided by points that you earn as you add discoveries, comments and interact with other Tribal members on that journey.

2. Your ranking against the other Tribal members based on the points you accrue. The more active you are in that journey, the more points you will earn and the higher your ranking against your other Tribal members.

3. Your Points. The more you interact with your Tribe on the journey, the more points you earn.

4. # of discoveries gives you an indication of the size of the journey and its contents

5. Journey Leaders - this is the "leaderboard" and shows the short details of of who the top performers are within this Tribe.