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Never Lost

Never lose a thought

Stop scattering your information across multiple devices and apps. Capture all your videos, notes, PDFs and conversations in focussed learning journeys that you can revisit and share with others.

Shortcut your learning process

Shortcut your
learning process

Tap into the knowledge of the tribe to discover where and how they have solved similar problems, so that you don't waste time reinventing the wheel

Stay smarter for longer

Stay smarter for longer

Our smart technology knows when you're prone to forget things, and we remind you just in time so you remember the right information for longer

learning dropbox

Learning dropbox

Capture all your thoughts, discoveries, ideas, photo’s, videos and documents across all your devices in one place. More than just storage, TribalMind's powerful technology filters your content to help you discover new insights and learnings easier than ever before

Tribal Learning

Stop doing all the research and learning yourself! TribalMind matches your challenges with the most relevant and useful learning journeys previously compiled by the Tribe, finding solutions faster and saving you time

learning dropbox
learning dropbox

Tribal Value

The cooperative learning environment lets you and your friends link personal discoveries, insights and learnings together, growing the collective knowledge of the Tribe

Accelerated Learning

Whether for yourself or with the help of your Tribe, sift through all the noise to produce a summary of your findings which you can share with your friends. Earning you credits and reputation for helping others learn faster

learning dropbox

The willingness to share and not keep everything to yourself; the real way knowledge is shared; the organic ways that networks grow. This is social learning. This is informal learning. This is narrating our work.

People are sharing everything they know,
and turning knowledge into action in ways that were
unimaginable even a decade ago.

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